pvawter asked:

Hi. Do you have any templates or printables for the noun activities you have posted ?

Hi! I went back through my posts and only see a few foldables on nouns, so if that’s what you’re referring to I use foldables from Dinah Zike’s notebook foldables book. I hope that helps!


I’m looking for a good website to purchase storage options for my classroom, but the catch is they need to accept school purchase orders so I can use my $100 allotment. Anybody have a good website they order from? They cannot reimburse me so it needs to be something I can use a purchase order for. A lot of teachers go to a local place for supplies but they don’t have storage options.

Any ideas? I’ve been googling and can’t find any good sites.

Pinterest Boards

I’ve spent a couple hours reorganizing my pinterest boards, and so I wanted to invite you to follow me. The posted link is just a link to all my boards, but here are the Education related boards.

Classroom Ideas - Basic classroom ideas for any classroom and grade
Classroom Management  - Ideas for classroom management- any grade

Interactive Notebooks - Mostly ELA related, but a few pins are non-ELA

Writing - Ideas for teaching writing and standards of writing

Common Core ELA - I’m slowly adding Common Core pins in, because at this point, ELA isn’t being implemented until next year. And even then, there are going to be a few standards coming first, considered “focus standards.”

Language Arts - Middle School LA resources


  • Student:

    what am I doing?

  • Me:

    taking another test.

  • (She stands in the middle of the classroom pouting)

  • Me:

    come over. We need to get started.

  • Student:

    I don't want to take another test. There are too many. Why do I have to do this? I want to be with my class.

  • Me:

    I know. I'm sorry. I think this is the last one for a little while.

  • I sit there just as sad as she is.

  • I don't think people understand what standardized testing does to kids with disabilities. You can't herd them all in a room and just have them take it. Some kids have the whole test read to them. Depending on the test, each question could be different (this is specific to math). You can't read 4 different tests at a time. So, I read them individually. I take precious instructional time to read an at times inappropriate leveled test to each child.

  • Don't even get me started on how I feel about administering a 6th grade reading test to a kid who reads on the 1st grade level. Not only is it not going to give anyone the information they want to know, but it makes that kid feel like crap.

  • Shame on the people who push for standardized testing.

  • Making a child with disabilities feel like crap one test at a time.

  • Test them enough and they willl start to believe it.

  • ________________________________________________________________________________

  • It makes them feel like crap and if they're not taking a SPED version of the test (like some of my students who have IEPs but don't qualify for the MAAS) their scores are showing that they don't know anything. But more than likely, they just didn't understand.

The mighty duo of maman and Baby A: Good News


Our principal called a last minute meeting at lunch today. Everyone’s hearts stopped beating and we waited on baited breath for him to get to the staff room. We had been waiting all week to find out if we were going to have to surplus a teacher because our numbers in late immersion grade 8 were…


similar situation with us this year; 25 students with IEPs were all placed in the same room with 5 non-SPED. New teacher hired two weeks in meant that class was split in half. happy day!

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